Community Music

Initiating, building and galvanising community music is the strongest driver of Margaret's musical activities wherever she has lived. Her early focus was with string players and she has a gift for attracting budding and senior string players of all ages and welding them into vibrant musical ensembles.

A core part of her approach in community music is to welcome all and to provide a supportive environment that builds confidence.

2012 Winter Orchestra Camp

Over 50 musicians from all parts of Tasmania spent a weekend at Camp Clayton and worked on Beethoven's Symphony No 1 in C, Opus 21. The Winter Camp was an innovation to test whether a orchestra could be assembled to work at a higher level.
The conductor was Willem van der Vis


Above: Willem conducts with humour and precision.

Launceston Youth & Community Orchestra

The Launceston Youth Orchestra started in 1990 with a focus on string music. Over two decades it has developed into three ensembles: the Piccolo strings for beginner players (all ages), Intermezzo Strings for developing players and the symphony orchestra.

There are some 60 musicians in the symphony orchestra and the repertoire is exciting, including works of Bizet, Haydn, Mozart, Schostakovich, Dvorak and Beethoven, as well as a range of light-hearted repertoire.  more

2012 Residential Summer String Camp

Residential Summer String Camp

The String Camp started with some 21 students in 1991. The concept and the drive for initial funding came from Lynne Price in Burnie who was keen to see more community music in Tasmania's north west, especially for young people.

In 1999, Margaret became Music Director. The camp moved to larger premises, was opened to adults and has since grown to four orchestras with over 200 people involved from ages 6 to 86.    more

Margaret (in red top) with musicians from the 2012 String Camp
in conversation with ABC Radio's
Elaine Harris. Click here for more:


The String Camp was originally established to normalise the experience of being a string player.

It has succeeded beyond all expectations. It nurtures string playing, music-making and the celebration of performance in a safe and inclusive environment.

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